Stand Up Paddleboard Race

Stand up Paddle Boarding

The 2010 South Padre Island Kiteboarding Round-Up will host a series of Stand Up Paddleboard Races on the Laguna Madre Bay for all of those SUP fans! If you have recently gotten into the latest craze called stand up paddleboarding (SUP), then this might be the competition for you. Competitive SUP Races will be held at the event site where SUPers will navigate around buoys of a designated course.

If you don't have your own stand up paddleboard, and are looking to try one out, then you can rent a sup on south padre from South Padre Island SUP.

Stand Up Paddleboard Races are not as easy as one would think. SUP boards are large and can be hard to maneuver. It takes a certain amount of skill to simply stay upright on the SUP boards. Once balance and centered on the board, it is then time to go as fast as you can around the course while competing with others. Those who fall the least tend to be the winners in the contests, as they can keep their speed up for a continuous amount of time. So practice balancing on your indo board, or SUP board at home and get ready for the amateur SUP race of the year. Stay tuned for sponsorship and prize details.

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