2014 SPI Kite Round-Up - Demo and Contests

South Padre Island, Texas - Dates TBA November 2014

General Event Information

The participant registration price for this year's event is to be determined We are excited to announce the 2014 event will be moved to November to avoid competing with other spring events. Kiteboarding gear demos from many of the industry's leading kiteboarding equipment manufacturers will be present. This is your chance to try out, and personally fly all of the 2014 and 2015 new kite surfing kites, power kites, trainer kites, kite boards, land boards, and the full range of the latest kite board equipment.

For the past four years, there has been great wind and weather conditions. Excellent times for all of the contests, demos, and clinics of all kinds. Just take a look at past event photo gallery. With the success of the SPI Kite Round-Up in its first several years, we look forward to seeing many more kite boarders coming to the island this year! We have compiled an array of available South Padre hotels, motels, condos and other accommodations to make reserving a hotel easy for the 2013 SPI Kite Round-Up event. Take a look through around the web site and we are looking forward to seeing you at the 6th annual 2014 SPI Kite Round-Up in South Padre Island, Texas!

Physical Location of the Event

Physical Location of South Padre Island

The 2014 South Padre Island Kite Round-Up is being held at the physical location of 7300 Padre Blvd., South Padre Island, Texas 78597. Which is the bay side of the Andy Bowie County Park, at the north end of the City of South Padre Island, Texas. The event site is specifically referred to as the "South Flats" and is a popular kiteboarding destination on the island. It is a wide sand flat that runs from the road to the bay just past the convention center, and provides ample room for the event to take place. Click on the google map to the right to take a closer look of where the event is being held.

Information on Kitesurfing Equipment Demos

SPI Kite Round-Up Gear Demos

The 2014 South Padre Island Kite Round-Up will host tons of kiteboarding gear and equipment demos from the top manufacturers of kites and kite boarding products. The '09 - '13 Round-Ups saw kiteboarding equipment demos from all kinds of different companies, and we are expecting it to grow even more this year. If you are looking to purchase some new gear this year, then the SPI Kite Round-Up may be your ticket to deciding what works best for you.

As a participant, you will have access to 2014 and 2015 kites, boards, accessories, and affiliated items. Every day during the 4-day kiteboarding event, you can pick and choose which gear that you need to try out. These gear demos could save you precious time and money in deciding what next big purchase you will make this year. The chance to demo such a wide range of kitesurfing equipment and gear only happens once a year at the SPI Kite Round-Up. So leave your old gear at home and come to South Padre Island, Texas to get your hands on the latest kiteboarding equipment!

Event Registration

Registration for the 2014 South Padre Island Kite Round-Up will be held at the event site.

South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Island, Texas is home to world-class kiteboarding and kitesurfing conditions. The sub-tropical barrier island off the coast of south Texas is home to both flat, shallow on the Laguna Madre Bay side as well as ocean swell in the Gulf of Mexico. South Padre Island Kiteboarding On the east side of the island, you can perfect your kiteboarding skills in the Laguna Madre Bay. It is waist to chest deep across more than one million square miles of bay water. All of this shallow water makes for flat consistent water as well as easy kite re-launching. Since it is so shallow in a warm climate, the Laguna Madre Bay heats up fast and stays warm for most of the year.

Alternatively, for those who enjoy kite surfing in the waves, west side of the island on the Gulf of Mexico is great for long and easy down winders. The island is roughly 30 miles long, while the road stretches the first 15 miles of it. Past that you have to travel by vehicle on the beach to reach the northern portion. 15 miles of easily accessible downwind insanity is available upon any strong north or south wind, which occurs like clockwork during the month of May.

South Padre Island Hotels and Condos

South Padre Island, Texas is a tourist city with a diverse range of hotels, motels, and condos to choose from while staying on the tropical island. No matter what your budget is, you can be sure to find something that suits your needs for the duration of your stay. Accommodations ranging from budget motels to extravagant hotels are available to stay at in the month of May. Take a look at the South Padre Island Accommodations page. Make your reservations today to ensure availability of your desired property!

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